Trélazé's Salon 2018

Place and time

From 17 to 25 november, from 2 PM to 6:30 PM at "Les Anciennes Écuries" Contemporary Art Exhibition Center, rue Ferdinand Vest - Trélazé 49800 - France

Exposed artwork

Deus Ex Machina, framed mask.

A face, a face imprint, which emerges from disorder, jumble of cables and pipes, with a fierce energy. A being breaking out of nothing to the sole force of his will and affirming his autonomous existence, as a presence revealed to itself far from the eyes of men.

Men have made God to their image, and then they take themself for God by creating these machines, ever more complex and more powerful, from which they have became so dependent. Have machines become our new God?

A god coming from a landfill filled with our industrial wastes that accumulates without limit, modifying, by their very presence our environment. Creating a fertile soil for the appearance of this terrible and grinning offspring.

Sculpture Mask Deus Ex Machina

The event's pictures: