"Atelier de Pâques" from april 11th to april 17th 2016 - at "Atelier Expo"

Place and time

Atelier Expo, 14 rue Joseph Caillé (Viarme) - Nantes

Every day from 11h AM to 7h PM

Exposed artworks

I present a series of volumes (most framed) representing masks or busts. Every face, from a different material (metal, rock, organic material, industrial waste ...), questions the human place in the world, placing the viewer in front of new and surprising combinations. This shift offers a dialogue that can bring out personal introspection and the possibility of an inner journey.

This path offers to revisit the ideas and other common areas on topics such as biological mutations induced by the advance of genetics, the temptation of transhumanism, the so-called opposition between nature and culture ...

Have a nice trip !

Pictures of the week: